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:: MoTwit -Twitter from Palm OS Treo & PDA (new TreoTwit

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Autor Mensaje
[Inventaste Palm OS?]

Registrado: 17 Mar 2003
Mensajes: 1980
Ubicación: Costa Rica, Tibás

MensajeSab 22 Mar 2008 18:47 | Responder citando

Lástima que todavía no acepte caracteres acentuados...

[Firma sólo visible para usuarios registrados]
[Mis primeros pasitos]

Registrado: 05 Jul 2008
Mensajes: 1

MensajeSab 05 Jul 2008 22:21 | Re: :: TreoTwit - update Twitter from your Palm OS Treo or P Responder citando

JRGN escribió:
Please introduce in the next version the ability to follow the freinds update.. like this is pointless is like be alone or disconnected from twitter.

mdy escribió:
I guess we're opposites. icon_smile.gif I actually like TreoTwit the way it is because it cuts down on my GPRS transfer costs (I pay per KB). So I prefer to only pay for the kb needed to send a tweet.

When I want to view other people's tweets, I now default to Twitter Mobile, and sometimes to Twapper.

I have to agree with JRGN. While I love MoTwit, I would find it close to perfect if I could view updates and reply @username from within the application. For those of us who aim for the occasional twoosh (and maybe enjoy a bit of ADD), flipping back and forth from Blazer to MoTwit can mean the difference between posting or missing a witty and timely reply/update.

[Firma sólo visible para usuarios registrados]
[Mis primeros pasitos]

Registrado: 12 Sep 2008
Mensajes: 1

MensajeVie 12 Sep 2008 19:25 | Responder citando

I would love to have a fully-functioning palm twitter app like Hahlo for the iPhone. Right now, this is no better than posting tweets via SMS. I don't want to keep refreshing blazer since I cant surf blazer and be on the phone at the same time.

[Firma sólo visible para usuarios registrados]
[Palm Padawan]

Registrado: 07 Abr 2008
Mensajes: 23

MensajeLun 19 Ene 2009 3:53 | Responder citando

Hi, I just want to let you know that I can't get to the preferences in motwit while running it on styletap, it gives me an error 10: subscript out of bounds.

any ideas?

[Firma sólo visible para usuarios registrados]
[Mis primeros pasitos]

Registrado: 01 Abr 2009
Mensajes: 1

MensajeMie 01 Abr 2009 13:08 | Suggestions for MoTwit Responder citando

Here's a couple of suggestions I'd like to see in a future version of MoTwit.

1. Support for Multiple Accounts, unlimited if possible, but at least 10.
2. Different color layout selections in menu.

Here's my thoughts on this.

First, I manage several twitter accounts. My own, My club's account, and my 81 year old father's account who tells me what to tweet for him. And it's entirely possible I may eventually manage more accounts. I'm sure there are people who may manage many, ten or more accounts.

It would be good for me to be able to use a pull-down menu to easily switch between Twitters to tweet.

The username of the current account could be in large letters centered at the top of the screen.

Having different color layouts would help avoid sending tweets out the wrong account. For example, I could have a green layout for my tweets, a blue layout for my club, and a yellow layout for Dad. Color combined with the Username in bold letters at the top of the screen would make for easier usage.

You could have several preset layouts to choose from, say 5-10, and an option to create your own layouts by inserting hex codes or maybe a color check box.

I hope you'll consider these suggestions to make your good product a super great product.

James Thomas Green icon_smile.gif

[Firma sólo visible para usuarios registrados]
[Mis primeros pasitos]

Registrado: 03 Dic 2009
Mensajes: 1

MensajeJue 03 Dic 2009 4:05 | Re: :: MoTwit -Twitter from Palm OS Treo & PDA (new Treo Responder citando


are you still doing support for motwit? i love it, and i'm wondering if you could add something to include links to either twitpic (my preference) or yfrog?

i have a treo 700p.

[Firma sólo visible para usuarios registrados]
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